Datalogic Uniq fiber laser marker


A new frontier in high-performance Fiber Laser Marking

A UniQue synthesis of fiber laser technology, high performance marking controller and innovative industrial design.

ALL inclusive, FULLY embedded

Based on proprietary Datalogic fiber laser technology, UniQ is the most compact, all-in-one fiber laser marker on the market

No external controller or power supply
-> FULL IP 54 marking system
-> Simplified installation, no fiber constraints
-> Easy, single unit, packing and shipping


No more Fiber Delivery constrains

-> No fiber length limitations
-> No limitation on fiber bend radius
-> Get rid of non-detachable fibers!

UniQ™ great Companions: P-series, A&T series, Matrix 300 & PowerScan

UniQ expands its unbeatable marking performance when combined with great companions: P-series compact smart camera for any auto-positioning application; A&T series high performance smart camera for online quality inspections; PowerScan for keyboard-less operation and attended code verification; Matrix 300 for automatic and unattended code grading and validation.


Datalogic UniQ Laser Marker