Datalogic Joya Touch 2D Microsoft Windows & Android PDA Barcode Scanner

Datalogic Joya Touch Microsoft Windows & Android PDA Barcode Scanner


Joya Touch is available in two possible configurations: a handheld version resembling more a mobile phone, and also a pistol-grip version with a real trigger for scan intensive applications.

This means within a few minutes you can change the device form factor, from handheld to pistol grip and vice-versa and use the mobile computer the way you want.

With this multi-purpose function you have a great ally for your front-end as well as for your back-store activities!



Datalogic DL-AXIST Android Barcode Scanner PDA

Datalogic presents its latest innovation in mobile computing, the DL-Axist™ Full Touch Android™ PDA. This robust, industrial strength Android based handheld computer with a full touch 5” HD display has been specifically designed for improving speed, mobility and productivity in retail, hospitality, healthcare and T&L environments. The DL-Axist PDA is ideal for assisted sales, merchandising, stock management, event management, bedside applications, route-accounting and many more applications.