Datalogic Skorpio X3 - Making Data Collection Easy

click to view the Datalgic Skorpio X3 Mobile PDA Barcode Scanner

New replacement model for the very successful Datalogic Skorpio. The new Datalogic Skorpio X3 is equipped with the largest high-visibility color graphic display (3.2 in) with touch screen in its class, the Skorpio™ X3  mobile computer helps users work more efficiently.

With the best ergonomics on the market, the Skorpio X3 mobile computer reduces operator fatigue with no compromise in terms of reliability and robustness, surviving harsh environments, repeated drops, strong shocks and repetitive tumbles. Both 1D laser scanning and 2D bar code imaging provide an inclined scan engine so that the display can be viewed while reading bar codes. There is no need for the user to turn the wrist in order to scan, making it easier to aim and faster to read.