The wide range of Datalogic general purpose handhelds readers offer users a variety of choices for their data collection activities. Product sets offer conventional laser, linear or area imaging technology, plus a variety of features to meet specific scanning needs. 

Laser scanners use a laser beam as the light source and typically employ either a reciprocating mirror or a rotating prism to scan the laser beam back and forth across the bar code, CCD readers use an array of hundreds of tiny light sensors lined up in a row in the head of the reader. Each sensor measures the intensity of the light immediately in front of it. The important difference between a CCD reader and a laser scanner is that the CCD reader is measuring emitted ambient light from the bar code whereas a laser scanner is measuring reflected light of a specific frequency originating from the scanner itself.

Two-dimensional imaging scanners use a camera and image processing techniques to decode the bar code and allow excellent reads on both 1D and 2D barcodes


Datalogic's PowerScan industrial handheld readers are data collection's definitive example of ruggedness and durability. Often imitated, but never rivaled, the PowerScan products rise above the fray with their outstanding performance and unyielding reliability. 

Datalogic's rugged (or ruggedized handheld readers) are specifically designed to operate reliably in harsh usage environments and conditions, such as strong vibrations, extreme temperatures and wet or dusty conditions. They are designed from inception for the type of rough use typified by these conditions, not just in the external housing but in the internal components and cooling arrangements as well. In general, ruggedized and hardened handheld barcode scanners share the same design robustness which can be categorized by the IP rating and drop resistance - the higher the better !


Consumer grade smartphones and tablets are getting more integrated within the mobile enterprise but they can’t meet the productivity and ergonomic requirements for enterprise barcode scanning. Therefore Unitech introduces its Bluetooth Pocket Barcode Scanner options. The result is a new level of enterprise data collection and the ability to streamline error proof and simplify more business processes.


From low-to-medium volume POS applications such as those in convenience, specialty, and drug stores, to healthcare and document handling in office environments, Datalogic's wide range of presentation readers offer a variety of form factors and features to solve data collection needs.

Vendors and retailers are working to standardize development of computerized POS systems and simplify interconnecting POS devices. Two such initiatives are OPOS and JavaPOS, both of which conform to the UnifiedPOS standard.

OPOS (OLE for POS) was the first commonly adopted standard and OPOS is a COM-based interface compatible with all COM-enabled programming languages for Microsoft Windows. JavaPOS is for Java what OPOS is for Windows, and thus largely platform independent.

All Datalogic Retail POS Barcode Scanners are OPOS and JAVAPOS compatible aswell as 2014 Sunrise Compliant.


The below units are currently End of Life / Obsolete. Very limited stock and spares may be available for the unit. 
DCI will endeavor to support the units as long as possible. Direct replacement units are available. Please do not hesitate to contact DCI sales representative for assistance