Requirements  surrounding self adhesive labels and ribbons differ across companies and applications. Direct thermal labels do not offer the same lifetime as thermal transfer labels, and even more so depending if printed or not.

Various products in the supply chain require different label sizes and materials as well as specific cuts to reduce theft. Marking of fixed assets requires a label with an extremely long life span. With all the concerns around the correct barcode printer / label and ribbon mistakes may occur in procurement - Let DCI offer you the correct label for your or your clients application.

Below are the various label types. Click to view the material type details and sizes. If that doesn't help contact DCI on +27 (11) 867 1449.


DCI Scanning manufacturers a wide range of plain labels (blank labels) in various sizes. 
Material types include thermal labels (direct thermal labels - no need for ribbon), semi gloss labels (thermal transfer labels - printed with wax or wax resin/ribbon),  syntex Labels (plastic thermal transfer labels - printed with Resin ribbon)

With so many pre-cut sizes, our label range should meet any application, if we do not have a size we can have a dye made to cut labels to your exact specification


Need to have certain information printed on a label, DCI has a number of pre-defined label types or can have certain labels made up for you. We print up to three colours on a label.

Pre-printed labels can be customized for you with company logo and will still allow space for other information such as barcode, serial number, text etc. Pre-printed labels can be printed on diretct thermal labels, sem-gloss thermal trasnfer labels or syntex labels (waterproof labels) and aluminium labels


Having problems with tampering of your parcels, products or packages. Increase the security in transit or process by applying a tamper evident security seal label. The label comes in various sizes and can be customed to your design, logo, colour, warning text as well as adhesive and material type.

The label is easy to apply as most self adhesive labels are, the trick is when someone wants to peel the label or open the package. Each label has specific security cuts within the label, that as soon as the label is peeled breaks - proving that the package has been tampered with.

DCI supplies millions of these labels to some of Africa's biggest organisations ensuring that keep there integrity and contents safe.


Datalogic ADC and offering of the business unit Mobile Computer PDA barcode scanner includes pocket-sized to full-alpha-keyboard hand-held devices, industrial PDAs, pistol-grip terminals, Vehicle Mounted computers and a very complete choice of middleware SW solutions, which guarantee our partners and end users the highest level of compatibility and openness to industry standards.

Janam Inc Auto-ID PDA scanners 
delivers everything that enterprises require in a rugged outdoor mobile computer at a price point that makes mission-critical mobile computing more affordable than ever.

Both Mobile Computer PDA Barcode Scanners allow for 1D or 2D barcode read capability, and
 can be operated in wireless networks according to IEEE 802.11g (WLAN) or Bluetooth and support radio frequencies viz. 433 MHz.