Datalogic A7000 Dimensioner 2-Head

AV7000 is the innovative linear camera setting a new paradigm in the T&L market..



  • Next generation CMOS sensor with 40 % greater sensitivity
  • Single view high quality picture for large conveyors (1400 mm/55 inch)
  • Patented Autofocus System offering extended DoF
  • Patented PLS technology technology, reducing the footprint of the reading
    station by 50%
  • Patented Digital Zoom technology assuring constant DPI resolution
  • Next generation decode algorithm for poor quality codes
  • Multiple format image saving from full definition to highly compressed JPG
  • Browser based interface compatible with any kind of OS and HW platform
    including PC and Tablet
  • Redundant architecture with no single point of failure
  • Software tools for image saving and data intelligence
  • Linux operative system


Datalogic AV7000

AV7000 is the innovative linear camera setting a new paradigm in the T&L market. AV7000 is characterized by superior optic performance, extended Auto-ID capabilities, advanced SW functions for image elaboration and data archiving, with excellent tools for operational analysis and process optimization.

Combining the benefits of a next generation CMOS sensor with 40% greater sensitivity and exclusive Datalogic patented technologies, the new AV7000 provides High Definition Images and software functionality that exceed customer expectations. With a large Field of View (1400 mm -55 inch), the AV7000 is the perfect solution to collect High Definition images in a single picture on a large conveyor, instead of multiple partial pictures.

Thanks to Pulsed Lighting Systems – a Datalogic patented technology - a multi-sided AV7000 reading station now requires 50% less space than a nonpulsed lighting system for applications that demand a smaller footprint. The AV7000 camera system is ideal for the most demanding applications in Parcel Sorting for Express Courier and Retail Distribution Company.


  • Parcel sorting
  • Dimension weight scan system
  • OCR and videocoding
  • Extended ID and image saving


  Field of View:
up to 1400 mm (55.12 in)
  Max Resolution:
110 to 260 pixels/inch (DPI) *
  Scan Rate:
33,000 scans/s (33kHz)

Imager Sensor Features: 

High Speed CMOS Line Scan (8192 pixels)


Optical lens:

90 mm, 110 mm and 140 mm *


Aperture angle:

15° to 45° *


Readable barcodes:
All Standard 1D and 2D Symbologies                                                             


IP Rating:

  Dimensions (Typical Value):
with external fans and Short Illumination: 845x416x237 mm [33.3x16.4x9.3 in]
with external fans and Medium Illumination: 1150x416x237 mm [45.3x16.4x9.3 in]
with external fans and long Illumination: 1480x416x237 mm [58.3x16.4x9.3 in]
11kg [24 lbs]
  Temperature range:
Operating: 0° to 50° C [32° to 122° F]
Storage: -20° to 70° C [-4° to 158° F]
  Power Supply/Consumption:
23-26VDC at illuminator connector
  Case material:
Aluminum die-cast
1 Gigabit Ethernet for decoding data to Host (may also be used for setup)
1 Gigabit Ethernet for image file transfer to Host
  Serial ports:
1 Main (COM) RS232/RS485FD opto-isolated serial port up to 115.2 Kbit/s
1 Aux RS232 opto-isolated serial port up to 115.2 Kbit/s
  Internal Communication System:
SyncNet Technology
  Digital Inputs:
3 x Inputs (2 + 1 x “Encoder”), optocoupled, NPN/PNP
  Digital Outputs:
2 x Outputs SW programmable, optocoupled, event driven, NPN


Part Number:
  AV7000-1000 140mm f/5.6 STD 934001000
  AV7000-1100 140mm f/5.6 SHORT RANGE 934001010
  AV7000-1200 110mm f/8.0 934001020
  AV7000-1300 90mm f/8 934001030
  AI7000-800 SHORT LIGHTING SYS 934001100
  AI7000-1100 MEDIUM LIGHTING SYS 934001110
  AI7000-1500 LONG LIGHTING SYS 934001120
  AI7000-800W SHORT WHITE LIGHTING SYS 934001200
  AI7000-1100W MEDIUM WHITE LIGHTING SYS 934001210
  AI7000-1500W LONG WHITE LIGHTING SYS 934001220