Pre-Printed Barcode Labels

Need to print barcode labels or need us to print them for you ?
Choose between any symbology 1 Dimensional (1D) or 2 Dimensional (2D). Labels are typically printed sequentially in batches of 1000 labels per roll however larger batches can be printed on your request.



  • Wide range of pre-defined label sizes
  • Thermal Transfer or Direct thermal Labels available
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Rounded and Sharp corner options
  • Acrylic, Hotmelt or Permanent adhesive types
  • Day Glo colour options available: Orange / Red / Green / Yellow





DCI manufacture high quality printed barcode labels in short, medium or long runs with clear, crisp codes and text to ensure that all barcode labels have 'good read's'.

There is no limitation to the barcode size or orientation, however we will advise as to what would be best suited for the application. DCI supply pre-printed and/or custom barcode labels to your exact requirements. 

Our label offering come on a wide range of label material types such as

  • Day Glo Coloured Labels: 
    bright florescent label, high volume eye-catching labels for promotional or operational purposes that can be printed on thermal transfer label printer using either a wax or wax resin ribbon.
  • Direct Thermal Labels: 
    Doesnt require a ribbon but instead are heat sensitive labels that can be printed on by using a direct thermal barcode printer. Typical life span are extremely short depending on the environment or application

  • Thermal Transfer Labels: 
    Require a thermal transfer ribbon and this material has the advantage of a much longer readable life and does not fade with time or heat. 

DCI can pre-print all symbologies as requested by you. 


  • Apparel
  • Warehousing and Logistics
  • Inventory
  • Asset Tracking Labels
  • Icasa Labels
  • Quality Control
  • Jewelery Tags
  • Nurseries
  • And Many Many More