Company Logo Labels & Descriptive Labels

Do you have special size or material requirements for your company logo on your label? 
We can supply pre-printed and/or custom company logo labels to your exact requirements on a number of different sizes and materials



  • Wide range of pre-defined label sizes
  • Thermal Transfer or Direct thermal Labels available
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Rounded and Sharp corner options
  • Acrylic, Hotmelt or Permanent adhesive types
  • Day Glo colour options available: Orange / Red / Green / Yellow
  • Up to 3 Colour label types



DCI can create your own company logo self adhesive label or detailed label for events, product inventory or promotion. Company Logo labels or detailed labels can be pre-printed on white labels or day-glo labels or water based ink coloured labels and is perfect for use as address labels or food labels. DCI print up to 3 colours water based ink which can be mixed to ensure company colours with the logo to match. 

Your company logo is best represented with 1-color printing as you have a wider range of options and may spend less. However, depending on the number of colours and design your logo may be best represented by up to 3 colours (should you require more - please don not hesitate to contact us as DCI offer many great solutions.

In our order process your best option is the Semi Gloss Labels or Syntex Labels, which are thermal transfer labels and printed on a durable white substrate which means that can withstand longer periods of time giving both your logo/description and product a longer shelf life representation.

Our Syntex Labels (thermal Transfer label) are laminated with a heavy duty UV laminate that resists the effects of sunlight on the the label material and the water based inks. These Self Adhesive Labels are good for most outdoor uses and resist fading in most applications for a couple of years. If you need extra durable Self Adhesive Labels then the Syntex label is your best option. For a more cost effective approach, please consider either a Direct thermal or Semi gloss (Thermal Transfer label).


Our pre-printed labels are printed on a 3 colour water based ink process machine. A Cyril rubber tool is made to your specification of which the ink is run through the machine onto the tool leaving a crisp clear logo or printed text design onto the self adhesive label. By pre-printing using Cyril versus a a desktop or Barcode industrial machine, the quality is far more precise and clear. Smaller fonts are a lot more readable and within correct standards. It is also a far more cost effective and faster process than printing the labels yourself on a barcode label printer. 


  • Apparel
  • Warehousing and Logistics
  • Inventory
  • Quality Control
  • Jewellery Tags
  • Nurseries
  • Food Labels
  • Warning Labels
  • And Many Many More