Instructional Labels / Warning Caution Labels

Depending on the application, there are a number of hazardous materials and procedures with high risk or voltage. Many products are fragile and require careful handling or specific climate conditions. With so many applications, DCI has ensured that it has a number of different coloured pre-printed labels to suite your business.



  • Wide range of label sizes
  • Aluminium plates available: Peel-off or acetone adhesive 
  • A number of pre-defined warnings and instructions
  • Customized options available
  • Extremely durable and long lasting
  • Easy to apply



A warning label is a label attached to an item, or contained in an item's instruction manual, warning the user about risks associated with the use of the item, and may include restrictions by the manufacturer or seller on certain intended uses. Most of them are placed to limit civil liability in lawsuits against the item's manufacturer or seller. That sometimes results in labels which for some people seem to state the obvious.

DCI Scanning has a wide range of pre-defined warning labels that can be printed on various sizes and colours. 


A lot of products are being made easier to us to use, however often we forget about the manual that comes with the item that we’re using or misplace it. When working in a factory or facility with machines, the operator’s manual is extremely important in order to truly be able to understand how the machine works, and things you should be aware of.

DCI can provide a a combination of warning and instruction labels that can help remind employees to read manuals before operating machinery as well as labels that inform workers to follow policies as they are written on the label. All of our safety instruction labels are affordable and made from durable materials designed to last for years. Browse through our selection below and place an order for safety instruction labels today.


  • Inventory 
  • Chemical containers
  • Manufacturing
  • Marking warehouse bin locations
  • General directions
  • Quality Control and inspection plaques
  • Electrical eqiupment marking
  • Metal or steel rod marking
  • Machinary or tool rental / tracking