Datalogic Marvis

Lighter Suite is the all-inclusive editing and laser management software for all Datalogic Laser Marking products.Features

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  • In the Lighter Suite, each object is associated with specific LASER parameters and READER configuration; loading a graphical layout will automatically retrieve and update laser and reader configurations.
  • Product reconfiguration or format changes are as simple as loading a graphical layout.
  • Easily create, import and edit texts, shapes and logos
  • One-click code generator for 1D and 2D symbologies
  • Object-related Property Browser for fast adjustment of Marker and Reader parameters
  • Imports Bitmap and Vector files (DXF, DWG, PLT, PDF, AI, SVG, BMP, JPG, PNG and TIFF…)
  • Advanced filling featured with various laser-optimized patterns
  • IP address discovery and connection management
  • Dedicated Digital output for in-line parts selection
  • Dedicated Digital input for deferred reader trigger
  • Configurable images storage pool
  • New Code Quality Training feature to automatically define code quality threshold from “Golden Sample”
  • Patent Pending “Quality Grade Metric Profile” (QGP)
  • Control the entire marking process
  • Create and fully customize marking layout and its content at runtime
  • Interact with local or centralized databases
  • Create alternative customized interfaces
  • Interact with Third Party devices
  • Built-in validation statistics dashboard.
  • Configurable log file with Quality Reporting and code images.


Marvis - One suite to ensure your DPM traceability

Lighter Suite is the all-inclusive editing and laser management software for all Datalogic Laser Marking products.

Lighter Suite with its innovative approach focused on the user experience is revolutionizing Laser Marking management; the powerful and simple interface, the flexible and comprehensive customization capabilities and effective production tools represent an important step-ahead in traceability and branding industrial applications.

LIGHTER Suite combines into an unified GUI (Graphical User Interface) a powerful vectorial graphical editor, an advanced laser controller and the innovative MARVIS™ (MArk Read Verify Integrated Solution) feature to seamless interact with AutoID code reader for in-line validation of marked traceability codes.MARVIS™ connects any Datalogic MATRIX N-series reader with any laser marker, enabling controlling from one single interface and enhancing individual products’ performances.

The LIGHTER Suite allows OEMs and Machine builders to develop a complete and cost effective Laser Marking Station, based on embedded hardware and software resources (such as STAND ALONE mode) or to design an advanced Laser Marking Solution able to control machinery over a simple Ethernet connection with a supervisor computer (MASTER-SLAVE mode). Lighter Suite natively embeds Ethernet TCP/IP and EtherNet/IP protocols.

The LIGHTER Suite integrates the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) providing the users with a full set of tools to be used for extremely flexible customization. The programming language is ECMAScript (also called JavaScript).

MARVIS is also available as update for existing products.

TECHNICAL DATA               

 User Interface                                         

GUI Languages

English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Polish, Japanese,
Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean

OS Supported Windows XP, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10
Access Control Password protected user levels
Character Type Font True Type, Open Type, Type1, Type42, Single Line Fonts                              
Language Support Full unicode language support
Text Fixed text, linear and radial text, customizable date/time
objects, serial number, batch code, fully customizable code
Code Type Bar Codes 2to5, Code 39, Code 128, UPC, EAN (GS1 ready)
Stacked Codes PDF417, Code 16K, RSS Family
Matrix Code Data Matrix, QR Code, Micro QR
Drawing Capabilities Logo image types HPGL, PLT, DXF, AI, PDF, DWG, BMP, JPG, TIF, GIF, PNG
Draws Multi shape editor with mode editing
Filling Single, cross, triple lines filling, advanced spiral and
pocketing with Filling Marking preview editor
Array Customizable Grid Array
Automation Operating Mode Stand-Alone, Master-Slave
Mechanical Axis Embedded step motor controller for 4 external axis (x, y, z)
and Rotary axis
Programmable Interface ActiveX, Scripting, Sequence Builder
Communication Protocols Ethernet TCP/IP, Ethernet IP, RS-232
Matrix N Series Control Photometry Exposure time, Gain, Internal/External LED lighting control
Reading Distance Adjustable, Autofocus on liquid lens Models
Quality Training Full 7 metrics code quality analysis
Overall and Customized Quality Grade Profile
  Image Storage User defined storage pool
with FIFO (First in First out) management