TracerPlus Desktop Mobile Application Development Tool


Develop Mobile PDA Barcode Scanners and Mobile Smartphone Applications in minutes without programming. TracerPlus Desktop is free to use mobile application development software compatible with Mobile Barcode Terminals, RFID Scanners, Smart Phones and Tablets.

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  • Develop, Design and Deploy Mobile Applications without programming
  • Deploy to Windows Mobile, CE and Android OS smartphones, tablets, RFID terminals and barcode scanners.
  • Enterprise features including Barcode, RFID, GPS, Signature and Image capture
  • Online App Center - Starter Apps for virtually any application (Asset Tracking, Inventory, etc.)
  • Powerful User Interface design controls enable you to make your app look and behave exactly as you desire.
  • Support for Android OS devices (up to 0.076 mm / 3mils)
  • Form designer auto-scales to configured form size
  • Improved UI for ease of use.
  • Custom Launcher files can now be attached to a project
  • Cascading button actions to activate multiple buttons with a single click
  • Unused form space can now be used as a canvas.
  • Settable visible property for all form controls.
  • Validate Field button action can now validate fields on a button press.
  • Confirmation Prompt button action allows user defined Yes/No Prompts.
  • Counter field can now be reset using a button action.
  • Barcode and RFID settings now configured at a session level.
  • Smartform rules added for data begins with, ends with, contains and has length
  • Selectable platform on project deploy
  • UNDO function added to Form Designer
  • 32 configurable forms per device and up to 100 fields per form
  • Intuitive development interface with drag and drop form designer.
  • Custom Colors for Tabs, Labels and other Controls
  • Configurable Font Face, Size, Color and Style.
  • Duplicate/Move Sessions within a Desktop Project
  • Export to single file (.tpe) for project sharing
  • Import projects from local file or online resources



TracerPlus Desktop is the do-it yourself way to replace error prone, paper forms with mobile apps for business. TracerPlus Desktop is the only free to try and easy to use mobile application design tool for the Windows Mobile and Android operating systems.

TracerPlus Desktop enables non-programmers and programmers to create enterprise class mobile applications in minutes without programming for a wide variety of business uses including Asset Tracking, Inventory Management and Field Service.

TracerPlus Desktop allows you to quickly create mobile apps with enterprise class data collection features including barcode scanning, RFID Tag Scanning and Writing, Mobile Printing, Photo /image capture, signature capture, and GPS / Geo-Coding, eliminating the need for costly custom development. DOWNLOAD FOR FREE! TracerPlus Desktop is FREE , you only license the mobile clients you decide to release to production and all apps can be deployed in trial mode for testing at no cost.




TracerPlus Desktop software is a free design tool for creating and configuring mobile applications for specific mobile data collection purposes. Common uses include asset tracking, inventory, field inspections, event management, mobile sales, route accounting and equipment maintenance. TracerPlus Desktop enables users to seamlessly install the TracerPlus mobile client to connected Windows Mobile/CE devices and then quickly deploy these custom created applications to those devices.

The user interface of Tracerplus Desktop provides an intuitive way to develop simple, straightforward mobile applications with a high level of control and detail. TracerPlus provides the ability to create applications to both IT professionals and non-programmers alike at a uniquely cost-effective price.


Users can configure individual field type settings, lookup and calculation options, flexible after-scan directives and set up multiple validation criteria. In addition to Project, Session and Field settings, TracerPlus Desktop includes a drag and drop form designer that allows the user to create a unique and intuitive form with a custom look and feel. With a licensing model based on a one time per device cost for the mobile client, users can deploy multiple applications to a single device; enabling the efficient and cost effective use of mobile applications across multiple departments.

Combining the free TracerPlus Desktop design software with the availability of a trial version of the mobile client, TracerPlus provides businesses the opportunity to explore and experiment risk free. The ability to easily export and share applications between users enables both collaboration and easy distribution. In addition, TracerPlus Desktop provides free access to and direct importing from the TracerPlus Solution Center at 

The Solution Center features a growing collection of pre-configured quick-start applications that can be imported and used or customized to meet individual needs.


Applications created in TracerPlus Desktop can be tailored to enable both small and large scale mobile data collection operations. With the ability to quickly adjust settings on-the-fly and re-deploy, TracerPlus can grow as businesses grow. With its flexibility and a feature set strong enough to satisfy the most demanding developer, TracerPlus Desktop brings the accuracy and laborsaving advantages of direct-to-database mobile data collection to companies  of all sizes and budgets.



SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS                      
  Operating Systems:
Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8

20 MB free disk space


Windows Sync Tool:
ActiveSync version 3.5 or higher (2000/XP)
Windows Mobile Device Center (Vista/7/8)

Mobile Device running Operating Systems:
Windows Embedded Handheld/CE,
Windows Mobile/CE,
Android OS


Device Programming:
TracerPlus Desktop


Operating Modes:
Trial (Limited to 5 data record)
Registered version of the TracerPlus Mobile Client (unlimited)




Version Compatibility:
Version numbers of TracerPlus Desktop must match
version numbers of the TracerPlus mobile client for interoperability


TracerPlus Desktop: Free

TracerPlus Connect:
Trial Version(Limited)
3 Seat Connect (1 x Primary, 2 x Secondary)
5 Seat Connect (1 x Primary, 4 x Secondary)
10 Seat Connect (1 x Primary, 9 x Secondary)


TracerPlus Mobile Client: 
Trial Version (limited to 5 records)
TracerPlus Professional (1 x license per Mobile PDA / Smartphone)