Consecutive & Sequential Numbered Labels

Consecutively numbered labels are also know as sequentially numbered labels, which means that the labels are printed incremently (up i.e 0001 - 1000) or decremently (down i.e 9999-0001).



  • Wide range of pre-defined label sizes
  • Thermal Transfer or Direct thermal Labels available
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Rounded and Sharp corner options
  • Acrylic, Hotmelt or Permanent adhesive types
  • Day Glo colour options available: Orange / Red / Green / Yellow
  • Water based Ink options - wide range of colours
  • Black, Red, Blue, Green Ribbons available
  • Database printing available
  • Quality Control on pre-printed options


Sequential numbering label printing refers to printing numbers in sequential order on sets of forms or other printed labels. Each form or label gets a unique number and is printed in either ascending or descending numerical order.

Sequential numbering is commonly used on a thermal transfer label type to ensure its life cycle is long term.

Sequential numbered labels can be printed on our 3 colour water based ink processing label cutting machine or either a desktop barcode label printer or industrial barcode label printer depending on the quantity required to print and how frequently and can be printed on any size, horizontally or vertically. Numbers can also be repeated in another position on the batch (multiple numbers can be printed sequentially to ensure duplicates are available for any application. 

You may also differentiate your number by color. Most barcode label printers allow a choice of colors transferred by a colour ribbon, typically black, red, blue, green to make your number stand out or alternatively can use a day-glo thermal transfer label (Red, Yellow, Green and orange) or many other water based colour labels.

Start your sequencing at any point you like, to pick up where you left off in your last print order. DCI Scanning ensure quality control procedures are in place to ensure numbering accurately.


  • Apparel
  • Examination and Schooling
  • Inventory
  • Asset Tracking Labels
  • Libraries
  • Quality Control
  • Nurseries
  • And Many Many More