Datalogic EOX Laser Marker

Datalogic EOX Laser Marker

The new EOX 30W is the CO2 Laser for laser coding and marking applications.

CO2 laser technology is still the best solution to provide permanent laser marking for industrial traceability and coding on paper, carton, organic materials, coated/painted materials and plastic.

Long-wavelength (10.600nm) ensure good results even on glass, rubber, food, wood and many other materials.



  • Excellent on paper, cardboard, wood and plastics
  • Marking on the fly compatible with variable speed and start-stop systems
  • Suitable for coding from medium to high throughput production lines
  • Excellent marking performance
  • Integrated diagnostics, easy communication and connectivity
  • Flexible scan-head configurations
  • Highly Customizable
  • Extreme reliability and flexibility
  • Lighter suite
  • Embedded Marking Controller



EOX 30W offers high-quality permanent marking on Wide range of organics materials (like wood) and it includes cardboard, ceramic, plastics and painted or anodized metal. Combining excellent laser beam quality and advanced control unit, EOX 30W is suitable for accurate Industrial Traceability as well as high productivity Coding applications. EOX 30W benefits of a compact Marking Head combined with a 19” Control Rack equipped with power supply and control unit. EOX 30W provide axys controls and Photocell/Encoder ports for Marking On Fly (MOF) typically required for Coding applications. Advanced MOF features allows complete synchronization between Marking head and object movement applicable even in accelerated or start-stop movement conditions. MOF increases production lines throughput with linear speed up to 75mt/min and 12.000 pcs/hour(about 8/10 pcs/sec – it depends by the speed of the roller).

EOX-30 implements Embedded Marking Controller (EMC) for complete system control in “Stand Alone Mode” or “Master –Slave Mode”. CO2 marking system is very attractive for Coding application thanks to Low cost operation as a result of almost to no maintenance and no requirement for expensive consumables. EOX 30W meets flexibility requirements thanks to extended marking area up to 140x140mm (focal lens depending). Reliable and safe, EOX 30W provides a clean technology with short return of investment and minimal maintenance.


  • Marking
  • Engraving
  • Surface treatment
  • Micromachining
  • Scribing
  • Etching
  • Trimming



  • Nominal Power:
  • Wave Length:
    10.6 μm
  • Head cable Lenght:
    3 m standard
  • Wavelength:
    1060 – 1080 nm
  • Laser source:
    CLASS 4, CO2 sealed laser tube
  • Marking capabilities:
    Standing, Rotary axis, On the fly (marking in motion)
  • Integration:
    Up to 4 mechanical axis driving capabilities (stepper motor)
    Up to 10 digital inputs and 10 digital output fully programmable
    1 dedicated connector for dual line high resolution encoder and 1 dedicated connector for photocell
  • Aiming Beam:
    3mW @ 635 nm
  • Focus Beam:
    3mW @ 635 nm
  • Humidity (non condensing):
    Max 95%
  • Red aiming beam:
    Class 2M red diode laser 635nm
  • Temperature Range:
    Operative: • 15°C to 35°C (50% emission time)
    Storing: • 10°C to 60°C (100% emission time)
  • Cooling System:
    Integrated Fan cooled
  • Power Supply:
    100/240 VAC – 50/60 Hz)
  • Resonator Dimension & Weight:
    180x185x634 mm kg 17
  • Rack Dimension & Weight:
    437x94x333 mm kg 9
  • Protection Grade:
    IP 21



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