Datalogic SC6000 Controller Fixed Barcode Terminal

Datalogic SC6000 Controller Fixed Barcode Terminal

The SC6000 is the ultimate Datalogic industrial controller specifically designed for Omnidirectional multi-side reading tunnels. It offers all the necessary tools to make the phases of System Installation, Setup, Testing and Maintenance of an omnidirectional reading tunnel easy and quick.



  • Enables management of systems redundancy and fast scanner replacement in case of failure
  • Increased overall product reliability and easy replacement by Compact flash memory
  • Easy & simple configuration thanks to Datalogic Genius™ software via simple RS232 serial link or remote Ethernet connectivity
  • Features a special 9-pin port for standard Modem connectivity
  • Compatible with Datalogic 6000 & 8000 family scanners
  • Bus Controller: cluster management and Host interface of multi-side reading tunnel based on Lonworks bus
  • Simple and effective diagnostic indications based on a display and LEDs, enabling quick and easy maintenance
  • Remote visibility of all main reading station information thanks to built-in Ethernet field bus Modem connectivity
  • DARP™ (Datalogic Automatic Replacement Procedure) function
  • 2Mb Flash memory Storage
  • Serial Host device programming sequences



SC6000 offers the large benefit to dedicate the all internal resources to the management of the reading cluster and to interface the multi-reading tunnel to the Host system; up to 31 readers can be connected to satisfy the most demanding applications


The SC6000 is a modular and flexible industrial controller that, with the same model, fulfils the different requirements of basic and redundant system configurations. Integration with RFID and vision system is easy thanks to SC6000 flexibility of use and high configurability; SC6000 efficiency in hybrid solutions represents a crucial competitive advantage while dealing with challenging customer requirements.


The removable Compact Flash, serving the need of full parameters and firmware backup, firmly contributes to achieving a high level of reliability. The redundant configuration, through the cooperation of two SC6000, provides an unrivalled availability of the system.

SC6000 can be quickly replaced thanks to the Datalogic automatic replacement function, DARP™, that simply restores the system functionalities, connecting the original Compact Flash in a new device.


A large number of communication interfaces are provided to satisfy all the most common demands. Ethernet, always available, can be optionally combined to Profibus and DeviceNet interfaces

SC6000 parameters are accessible through Genius™, the standard Datalogic configuration program that helps to automate and speed up the network configuration and calibration

A practical 4-lines display with keyboard increases the SC6000’s ease of use by offering a simple and complete human interface without the need of a PC.


The SC6000 has increased overall product reliability and easy replacement by means of Compact-Flash memory, easy and simple configuration thanks to Datalogic GENIUS™ software via simple RS232 serial link or remote Ethernet connectivity and features a special 9-pin port for standard Modem connectivity and is compatible with 6000 and 8000 Family scanners (bus versions)


  • Parcel sorting system
  • Dimension Weighting Scanning System
  • Postal Applications
  • Automate baggage handling
  • Cargo Applications
  • Loading/unloading systems



  • Device Programming:
    Windows™ based SW (Genius™) via Serial or Ethernet link
    Serial Host Mode Programming sequences
  • Relay Signals:
    3 outputs
  • Sensor Signals:
    3 inputs (TACH, PS, PS AUX), optocoupled


  • Communication Interfaces:
    Auxiliary: RS232 up to 115.2 Kbit/s
    Main: RS232/RS485 up to 115.2 Kbit/s, optocoupled
    Modem: RS232
  • Other Available Interfaces:
    Ethernet and Profibus
    Ethernet and DeviceNet
    Ethernet and Ethernet
  • Ram Memory:
    16 MB
  • Storage Memory:
    2MB FLASH; 32 MB Compact FLASH
  • Digital I/O:
    3 inputs/6 outputs, optocoupled


  • Dimensions:
    193 x 180 x 71 mm (7.60 x 7.09 x 2.79 in.)
  • Weight:
    960 g. (33.86 oz.)
  • Operating Temperature:
    0 to 50 °C (32 to 122 °F)
  • Storage Temperature:
    -20 to 70 °C (-4 to 158 °F)
  • Humidity:
    90% non condensing
  • Vibration Resistance:
    EN 60068-2-6 1.5mm; 10 to 55 Hz; 2 hours on each axis
  • Shock Resistance:
    EN 60068-2-27 30G; 11ms; 3 shocks on each axis
  • Protection Class:
  • Display & Keypad:
    20 x 4 characters & 6 keys
  • Diagnostic LEDs:
    Power, TX/RX Data, Ethernet, PS, PS AUX, TACH, Network, Scanner, Controller
  • Power Supply:
    10 to 30 VDC
  • Power Consumption:
    5 W max
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