DCI Scanning Stock-taking Application

DCI Scanning Stock-taking Application

The program manager application included with the Datalogic devices ensures configuration of the unit to allow the standard user access ONLY to selected applications i.e. Stock Take Application.



  • Step 1: Input User Identification
    Input into fields are through either a physical keyboard
    via the mobile computers keypad or a virtual (hidden)
    keyboard situated on the menu bar, to ensure quick and
    efficient input.
  • Step 2: Select fields for Information Display
    The scanner configuration applet allows for managing
    enabled barcode symbologies, lengths, pre – and post –
    ambles etc. to prohibit scanning of undesired barcodes.
  • Step 3: Insert Location & Scan Items
    Captured data is stored in CSV format and can be opened
    with Microsoft Excel. This allows for manipulation of the
    data for import into most common financial applications i.e.
    Pastel, Pastel Evolution, Syspro etc.
  • Step 4: Close Application & connect MC to Computer
    Captured data is visible in Microsoft Excel,
    allowing for the manipulation of data
    Real-Time Performance at a glance – (Front page that shows real-time reading performance, package activity and device diagnostics in foreground)
    Complete control from enterprise to device – (Quickly ‘drill-down’ from enterprise to facility to scan point to device level views)
    Database searches – (to get data from the last 90 days, and the ability to save the report)
    Image file browsing – (for Datalogic Automation imagers)
    Configurable alarm & event notification – (via email)
    Risk mitigation profiling – (Individual user accounts with configurable roles and privileges)
    Web-based client
    Cross platform server application – (Windows and Linux OS)



The Stock Take application has been developed by DCI Scanning (PTY) Ltd for those who require the most basic of stock take functionality. User Friendly, effective and extremely efficient, this application enhances accuracy of stock taking by giving the operator various options from predetermined fields, which displays desired and optional amounts of information.

  • Starting Application from Base Screen

In certain cases i.e. “Cold Boot” or long-lasting battery failure, the unit will restart to its default state. In order to start the application the following procedure needs to be followed:

DblClick (Double Click) on the My Device Icon.

The directory structure on the unit will open. Next Dblclick on the Windows folder.


Move the right hand slider bar down until the StockApp folder is visible

Dblclick on the StockApp folder to open

Dblclick on the StockApp.exe application file to start the application.


The application starts by requesting a User ID. The user id is not validated in any way and any value can be entered. Refer to the section on the virtual keyboard.


Select OK and the application will open with the configuration screen.
The configuration screen allows the user to configure his specific requirement for the stocktake.
“Include User ID” selection allows for the inclusion of the user id entered at the start of the application in the actual output file.


At this point the StockTake tab contains no fields and stock take cannot begin unless Set Selection has been selected.

At this point the StockTake tab contains no fields and stock take cannot begin unless Set Selection has been selected.


To prepare for a simple stock take to collect only a location and a code, select the Enable Location Field option.


The Stock Take Tab will now allow for the capture of a location via keyboard or the scanner. The Stock Code field is disabled and, if input is done via keyboard the user has to press ENTER to move to the Stock Code Field.


The bottom of the screen displays the number of items scanned. If stock code is entered via the keyboard, ENTER must be pressed to jump back to location.


To create the output file, go back to the Config Tab and select Close Data File


To exit the application select the Info tab.


The application will request a System Exit Password. This password is fixed as SysAdmin and should not be made available to general users.


The virtual keyboard can be selected at any time to input values in the application or otherwise. Click on the keyboard icon on the bottom right of the screen to open the keyboard selection.


Ensure that the cursor is in the field where the input is required by clicking in the field.


Input into the field by clicking on the required characters and click on the OK button


Disable the virtual keyboard by selecting the keyboard icon at the bottom right hand and selecting Hide Input Panel.


Dblclick on My Device to open the device directory structure


Dblclick on the My Documents folder to view all data files created


Data files are created with the following filename structure – “Unit serial no[space] date[space]time.csv.”
“.csv” Files are recognised by Microsoft Excel and can be opened directly in Excel.


By selecting the Enable Location Field and the Enable Quantity Input and pressing the Set Selection button the unit will allow for the capture of single records consisting of Location, Stock Code, and Quantity.


After input of quantity and pressing ENTER the input will jump back to location for the next location. This is typical of stock take with one type of item per bin.


To collect data on different items and quantities per single location select Enable Location Field, Multiple Items per Location and Quantity Input. This is typical of stock takes where multiple items and quantities per single shelf need to be collected.


To select a different location click the New Location button and the application will allow for the input of a new location.


Adding a shortcut to the desktop allows quick access to the application. Open the StockApp folder in Windows as described in section 1 of this document. Select the StockApp.exe executable with a single click on the file name – name will display in blue.

Click on File, Send To and select Desktop as Shortcut.


The application will now be available directly from the desktop by Dblclicking the barcode icon.


The following window will appear if the application has not been properly activated. To obtain the activation code contact D.C Industrial Scanning Systems on +27118671449 with the unit serial number and your company details.


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