Jigsaw Security Cut Label

Jigsaw Security Cut Label

The Jigsaw type Tamper Evident label is a security seal that can be applied onto boxes, parcels and pallets to ensure that when a box has been delivered it is not accepted if it has been tampered with.



  • Super-strong adhesive to ensure removal difficulty
  • Thermal Transfer or Direct thermal Labels available
  • Customized colours and text
  • Rounded and Sharp corner options
  • Acrylic, Hotmelt or Permanent adhesive types
  • Up to 3 Colour label types
  • Ensure that no corner can be lifted without breaking
  • The section on a label to ensure good quality barcode
  • Offered as a plain label or pre-printed
  • Once the label tampers, cannot be applied smoothly



Tamper evident seals and security labels are often used to detect tampering of containers and concealed boxes or inventory. When removed, the tamper evident seal will self-destruct to indicate that the seal has been broken.

DCI tamper evident labels are designed to show strong visual proof of tampering as the label cannot be whole again once lifted as the security cut splits into segments that cannot be stuck back together. After a security label has been has been applied if it is then later lifted the security label proudly displays evidence of this. The properties in the label and in the adhesive do not allow perfect alignment and all security labels can have a printed message to indicate that no parcel should be accepted if label has been tampered with. It is extremely difficult to reconstitute the security label to its original form after tampering. This allows you to track parcels and ensure the label hasn’t been replaced after tampering.


The Jigsaw security label or tamper-evident label has a unique but effective cut, with curved or waved splits horizontally and straight splits vertically, it makes the label prone to peeling without one of the segments being lifted or tamper-evident.

A small portion of the label consists of a solid label, whereby the label can be applied easily as well as printed text or warnings to ensure the risk associated with the collection.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact DCI Scanning personnel for the best solution in security label cuts and sizes.


  • Apparel and footwear
  • Warehousing and Logistics
  • Inventory
  • high capital goods storage or transport
  • Food Labels
  • Warning Labels
  • And Many Many More