Semi-Gloss Labels (Thermal Transfer Labels)

Semi-Gloss Labels (Thermal Transfer Labels)

Semi-gloss labels self adhesive labels are a smooth white-gloss label, specifically designed for use in thermal transfer printers. Has great smudge resistance with a wide range of both wax based and resin/wax based thermal transfer printing ribbons.

Has an excellent tack and adhesion to a wide range of substrates including apolar, plastic films and slightly rough and curved surfaces.



  • Requires wax or wax/resin thermal transfer ribbon to print
  • Not sensitive to UV-Light, Moisture, Fat, Oil etc
  • Can be printed on by a Thermal Transfer (TT) printer
  • Estimate shelf life 2-6 years
  • Storage Temperature: – 20ºC / +80ºC
  • Minimum Application Temperature: -5ºC
  • Label adhesive options are removable, Acrylic and Hotmelt



Semi-Gloss is a type of thermal transfer label.
Thermal Transfer are for applications that cannot use Thermal (Thermal Direct) label material because of heat source proximity or short label life, a more widely used material is Thermal Transfer Label types. This material has the advantage of a much longer readable life and does not fade with time or heat.

Most major manufacturers of Thermal Transfer Printers can be used for either Thermal Transfer (TT) or Direct Thermal (DT) labels. A thermal transfer ribbon will be required to print the labels. The cost of the ribbons + Thermal Transfer labels is similar to that of the Direct Thermal labels on their own. (see ribbons)

Unlike Direct Thermal labels, the printed image on the thermal transfer products has a good resistance to UV-light, moisture and ageing, the applied labels are suitable for long term storage under normal conditions.

It should be noted that the print quality of the Thermal Transfer system as such depends a great deal on the right match of TT ribbon, printer, print temperature and the printing surface.


  • Where high print speed is required medium-term marking of items, folders, boxes are required
  • As with all self-adhesive materials, this product should be tested thoroughly under end-use conditions to make sure it meets the requirements of the specific application
  • Excellent tack and adhesion performance on a wide range of substrates including apolar, cardboard, plastic films and slightly rough and curved substrates

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