Unitech MS912 1D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Unitech MS912 1D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Since the upswing of the smartphones and mobile devices, portable scanning needs are constantly subject to adjustments within the enterprise market like retail, healthcare, industrial and office automation. The MS912 series is Unitech’s newest pocket size CCD scan solution to offer the mobile enterprise the best matching device for 1D scanning needs.

Unitech MS912



  • Powerful & reliable mobile 1D scanner High-performance CCD module, scans 240 barcodes per second
  • Pocket size and easy to carry anywhere Small and lightweight
  • Reliable for every user Compact and stylish one-button design
  • Easy to integrate with host device Supports HID and SPP Bluetooth connection
  • Easy to deploy with mobile applications Windows, Android and Apple compatible
  • Extended flexibility MS912M (memory version only) Buffer mode while out-of-range & easy synchronisation
  • Bluetooth up to 10 meters
  • Equipped with 2MB of memory, equivalent to 20.000 scans



The Unitech MS912 series enables an enterprise to easily implement 1D scanning where traditional scanners are limited, such as size, mobility and even price. There is no need to impractically move your mobile device or tablet for scanning 1D barcodes. Just enlarge your working area with the Unitech MS912 and turn this scanner into your enterprise companion.

With its dimension of only 72mm length, 30mm width and 20mm thickness, you can carry the MS912 anywhere you need to go. Like a single pack of gum this device fits your pocket. With a weight of only 30.2 grams, you can even carry the MS912 on your neck or wrist. The MS912 is one of the smallest and lightest pocket scanners in its class, the ideal solution for applications where all-day (mobile) scanning is required.


The Unitech MS912 series provides outstanding performance on reading up to 240 scans per second and are compatible with most wireless devices, making it easy to pair with an Android or Apple smartphone and tablet. With the simplicity of its single-button scanning design, the MS912 makes barcode data collection simple and reliable for all users. This pocket size high performance CCD scanner captures 1D barcode data up to 5 mil resolution and easily reads 5000 barcodes without the need to recharge. The MS912 offers great flexibility within a range of 10 meters.


The Unitech MS912M (memory version) provides additional support to store data in a buffer mode when your device goes out of range. Equipped with 2MB of memory, equivalent to 20.000 scans, the MS912M allows users to complete their task without interruption and without losing any data. With a simple setting you can upload the data to the back-end system once your device gets back into range.


  • Product order management – Retail and online webshops
  • Medication & patient management – (Mobile) healthcare
  • Shipment & inventory management – Industry and logistics
  • Document tracking & personal identification – Office automation



  • 1D / Linear Codes
    UPC-A/UPC-E, EAN-8/EAN-13, Industrial 2 of 5, Codabar, Matrix 2 of 5, Code 11, Code 93, Code 32, Code 128, Standard Code 39, Full ASCII Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5.
  • 2D Codes
    Aztec Code; Aztec Mesas; Data Matrix; MaxiCode;QR Code, Micro QR Code; China Han Xin Code
  • Postal Codes
    China Postal Code, MSI Plessy Code, UK Plessy Code, EAN/UCC 128, Telepen Code, IATA Code
  • Stacked Codes
    GS1 Databar


  • Receiving Device
    CCD Module
  • Light Source
    Visible LED 625 nm
  • Max. Resolution
    5mil (0.127mm)
  • Scan Rate
    240 scans/second
  • Printing Contrast Scale
    30% Minimum
  • Sensor
    Linear CMOS
  • Ambient Light
    10,000 Lux (Fluorescent Light)
  • Reading Distance(DOF PCS=90%)
  • Label: DOF | near | far
    Code 39, 5mil | 15mm | 60mm
    Code 39, 13mil | 30mm | 140mm
    Code 39, 20mil | 35mm | 185mm


  • ESD Protection
    Functional after 4KV Contact and 8KV Air
  • Drop Resistance
    1.5 Meters
  • Temperature Operating
    0°C to 50°C
  • Storage/Transport
    -20°C to 60°C


1-Year Factory Warranty


  • Current
    Operating (Typical): <150mA
  • Standby/Idle (Typical): <65mA
  • Operating Voltage
    3.7VDC ± 5%
  • Battery Type
  • Battery Duration
    5000 reads/charge
  • Memory Size
    2MB (20,000 barcodes) for MS912 memory version only


  • Range
    10 Meters (Line of Sight)
  • Interface/Profile
    SPP, HID
  • Wireless Class
    Bluetooth Class 2

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