42Gears is a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution provider that helps businesses manage both employee-owned (BYOD) and company-owned devices ranging from tablets, phones, desktop, wearables, VR, AR, and IoT devices. 42Gears’ UEM solution supports devices running Android, iOS, macOS, ipadOS Windows, Linux, and WearOS. More than 10,000 customers in over 115 countries trust 42Gears and its solutions to manage their mobile device landscape. They are ably supported by over 100 partners spread across the globe.

Being modular and highly customizable, 42Gears’ products can be easily integrated into existing business systems and better manage devices with functionalities such as Device Lockdown, Remote Management, Secure Browsing, Secure Email, Application Management, Content Management, and Contacts Management to build a perfectly managed mobility ecosystem.

42Gears’ Products:

● SureMDM:
Unified endpoint management solution to secure, monitor and manage the entire mobile device landscape for a company.

● SureLock:
Kiosk lockdown solution.

● SureFox:
Secure web-browser or web-kiosk solution.

● SureVideo:
Digital signage and video-looper solution.

● AstroFarm:
Device farm solution.

Product Features

● Enroll and deploy devices quickly and easily using the multiple enrollment options available.
● Allow app access and restrict device features based on user roles.
● Configure device settings and push apps to devices using default jobs and policies.

● Set notification and alert policy for emergency situations.
● Use the central console to track and manage devices.
● Lock down devices to a single or few permitted applications only.
● Create an app store with permitted apps for work.
● Troubleshoot devices remotely.
● Create reports and monitor device health.
● Manage peripherals and accessories such as charging docks, smart battery, smart printers, etc.

● Secure devices using features such as remote lock, wipe enterprise data (on devices), password policies, app filtering, remote app updates, device peripherals lock, and more.
● Secure corporate data through containerization of apps on mobile devices.

Why 42Gears’ Solution
● Multi-Tenant Architecture: Host multiple customers in a single instance.
● Flexible Deployment: Option to deploy cloud and on-premise.
● Customization: Ensure business agility through a scalable and customizable solution.
● Scalable: Increase the number of licenses quickly based on business requirements.
● Innovative: Enhance user experience through latest technological capabilities such as multi-tenant hub, things or peripheral management, device farm management, mobile threat defense etc.
● Multi-Level support: Choose from standard, premium, and enterprise multi-level support options to meet specific business requirements.
● Affordable: Issue license types based on customers’ needs and budget i.e standard, premium, enterprise.

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