UMS Unified Management System

What is UMS 

UMS, or Unified Management System, is born for mobile smart terminals, which provides users with professional, efficient, safe and reliable remote management of equipement and application, and is a one-stop platform connecting developers, agents and customers.

Full life cycle equipment management

From device registration to device recycling, UMS can realize the full process management for the full life cycle of devices, helping enterprises provide one-stop deployment and management in the process of large-scale upgrade to digitization in the business process, so as to save 90% human costs, greatly improving the operational efficiency of the enterprise.

Privatization deployment, all under control

We understand that enterprises attach importance to data confidentiality, so enterprises can choose to privatize their deployment and store the data in the intranet to ensure the privacy of the data.

Experience premium service for free

We hope you can feel our good intentions, so you can try our services for free. (Except for customized development by enterprise)

Why we need UMS?

When using the device, the device manager needs to set each device to the state required the enterprise, manual adjustment is time-consuming and laborious.

UMS can help you complete this task more easily. You can remotely manage all terminal devices in batches, including viewing device information, location tracking, restricting the area of use, batch installation, updating and uninstalling applications, obtaining application logs and remote diagnosis, which will save 90% human and time costs, and greatly improve management efficiency.

Our value

All in one, easy access 

Partner Connect, obtain most frequently used services, can manage all shop and device under your account.

As simple as it seems

“Partner Connect” designed with graphic web base user interface, friendly to use.

Powered by Alibaba cloud, safe and secure 

The “Partner connect” is on Alibaba cloud sever. Bandwidth, security, accessibility is guaranteed.

Digital management, visual dashboard

Real-time data analysis and remote monitor, provide information for decision making.

UMS function introduction

Just moving the mouse, you can comprehensively manage the device from three dimensions of mobile application management, mobile device management and mobile content management.

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Application Market

Developers can add and remove apps from the application market and deploy flexibility; managers can select appropriate applications and deliver them to devices in batches.

Silent Installation

The administrator can delivery applications to the device and install automatically without the consent of the device user.

Application Information

The application information of the device terminals is fed back to the data center, and the administrator can query and trace
back at any time.

Blacklist & Whitelist

Only whitelisted apps are allowed to be installed; blacklisted apps cannot be installed.

Kiosk Mode

The device will always display the domineering application, no one else can log out without authorization, ensuring that the working device is always in working condition.


When this function is turned on, the application will start automatically when the device is turned on.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Geographical Fence

Restrict the range of device usage. Once it is out of range, it can be disabled, and an alarm will be sent to the specified mailbox.

Android Permission Control

Set to disable Wifi, Bluetooth, phone, data traffic, etc.

Wifi/APN Push

Through the platform, deploy WiFi throughout the enterprise and configue operators by one click.

Remote Desktop

Enterprises can achieve technical support through platform remote guidance and operation of device.

System Customization

The administrator can set up brand-specific boot animations, wallpapers and custom desktops to keep the consistency of device and corporate brand style.

Custom Desktop 

Concise corporate desktop, restrict access to programs and settings on the device, can be restricted to one or more designated applications.

WIFI Whitelist

Ensure that the device can only be connected to the WiFi in the whitelist, so as to effectively prevent malicious attacks and ensure safe and reliable corporate data.

Mobile Content Management (MCM)

Data security

High-security encrypted transmission is applied from the mobile end to the cloud end to prevent data from being stolen maliciously, and to ensure that important information is protected well.

Remote data clearing

In the event that the device is lost or broken, the administrator can remotely erase data and restore factory settings so as to avoid leakage of corporate resources.

Enterprise document distribution

Quickly distribute files to devices with one click.

Enterprise news push

Push information with one click, convenient and fast.

Secure Encryption Protocol 

Adopt TLS/SSL encryption protocol to ensure the entire process of information transmission from mobile end to cloud end encrypted, so as to prevent data from being maliciously stolen.

Strong Data Protection

Cloud data is backed up every 24 hours, and data within 24 hours can be restored through logs to ensure that each piece of data is guaranteed.

Strong System Stability

Through the HighAvailability technology, the cloud service guarantees the risk of server downtime caused by single-node failure and sudden system crashes (unplanned), so as to ensure that the server is protected during operation.

Mobile Content Management (MCM)

Corporate Information Push

Push information with one click, which is convient and fast.

Corporate Files Distribution

Distribute files to devices quickly with one click.

Remote Data Clearing 

In case of lost of device or end of life cycle, the platform has powerful administrator authorities to remotely erase data and retor facetory.

Full Life Cycle Equipment Management 

From device registration to device recycling, UMS can realize the full process management for the full life cycle of devices, helping enterprises provide one stop-stop deployement and management in the process of large-scale upgrade to digitization in the business process, so as to save 60% human costs and time costs, greatly improving the operational efficiency of the enterprise.

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