Solid State (DPSS) Laser Marker

The long history of market leading DPSSL technologies has enabled Datalogic to create the most comprehensive product portfolio in the marketplace by offering solutions with a wide variety of applications in multiple wavelengths. DLA product portfolio offers industrial grade solutions for Infrared Green and UV in a wide power range, and an innovative ultra-compact, all-in-one laser marker for level-entry application.

DPSSL key features:
— Best-in-class laser peak power
— Three different wavelengths for best result even on highly reflective or high stability materials
— Excellent beam quality and marking accuracy even on thermal sensitive materials

Best For:

– DPM for traceability to thermal sensitive, like silicon wafers
– WLCSP, memory cards, ICs or high reflectivity materials like copper, gold and silver
– Branding and high resolution product identification

– Contactless and Clean Direct Marking Process for Branding & Personalization
– Instant permanent marking: no drying time, no post processing, no solvent or additive​

– High precision marking with no mechanical stresses
– Clear and precise annealing even on very small surface
– Resistant to wear, corrosion, solvent, water and UV