Social Responsibilities

Creating Education & Social Upliftment In Out Community

Jicama 89 is a registered company incorporating Section 21, registered Section 18A and a registered Non-Profit Organization whose primary purpose is to support deserving organizations in their efforts to meeting the needs of those less fortunate and able.

Give Humbly, Live Faithfully

The Grace to God foundation will spend time in the community getting people to help the people who have given up hope, we want to put back smiles on the children`s faces and wipe away the tears…. we can only do so with your help!

Sport For All

Founded in 1997, Sport For All is South Africa’s first social franchise. SFA uses the methods of commercial franchising to achieve social goals, specifically community economic development, youth employment and healthy lifestyles for children and their families.
Sport For All was not always a for-profit business opportunity. It started as a funded sports development project located in disadvantaged communities and relied solely on traditional NGO donor funding. In 2004, Sport For All partnered with True North Holdings franchise company (Postnet, Cash Converters, Multiserve) to create Development Franchising CC. Together they developed a self-sustaining business model and Sport For All Franchising (Pty) Ltd was established. The first SFA social franchise was opened in 2005 in Gauteng.

National AIDS Week

The AIDS week business Bannerthon idea has appealed to the concerned yet competitive spirit of South African businesses. thus evoking their need to be involved in a meaningful challenge to address the real threat that AIDS is to our businesses and our country.
The launch of the first AIDS week Bannerthon took place in 2001. The concept was developed to get the business community to visibly show their solidarity and support in the war against AIDS whilst simultaneously raising money for AIDS orphans.

Equal Healthcare And Education For All South Africans

Our sole aim is to improve healthcare and educational facilities in
poverty-stricken communities, where there is no short/medium term governmental budget for improvements. This means that, without intervention by you and the SAME Foundation, these communities won’t be able to receive the healthcare and education that they deserve.

Together we can make a real, sustainable difference!

Oliver's House

Oliver’s House is a non profit organisation operating from Benoni on the East Rand. Oliver’s House was founded in April 2001. We started out running a soup kitchen in the Benoni CBD. In August of the same year, we formed a “partnership” with Nomthandazo Children’s Care Centre who are based in the Zenzele informal settlement in Daveyton. In 2004 we purchased the old Benoni Home Affairs building at 73 Woburn Avenue and re-located to these premises. That same year we opened our education and computer training centre at our offices in Woburn Avenue. In 2006 we took the first step towards creating a socially self-sustaining project (Oliver’s Village) when we purchased 11 acres of property in Putfontein, next to the Zenzele informal settlement.

Community Provision & Social Services

Compass is a nationally recognized and registered organization through the Government in South Africa. Our team have researched the culture of charity on a global scale and pressure of the global socio-economic climate has forced the lower levels of society outside of our socio-economic structure. The result is that the poor, homeless, unemployed & uneducated live by their own rules & understanding of society, because of the lack of access into our world order and systems. Out of this naivety and desperation to survive, crime, corruption, abuse and lawlessness are born. The ones who suffer the most are the innocent babies that are born into this current world order. We recognize that even the heads of governments find it difficult to raise funds for their own countries. The key solution lies within the charities and Non-Profit Organizations (NGO’s) that have access to funding and are actually willing to do the work required and not leave everything up to the government.